Frequently Asked Questions

What does KCBS stand for?

The Kansas City Barbeque Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying barbecue. It is the world's largest organization of barbecue and grilling enthusiasts with over 20,000 members worldwide.

Are there other organizations like the KCBS in the Mid-Atlantic?

Yes! Here are a few of them that we see in the Mid-Atlantic Region:

ICS - International Chili Society
MABA - Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association
MBN - Memphis Barbecue Network
National Barbecue Association
NCBS - North Carolina Barbecue Society
SCA - Steak Cookoff Association

How do I find events near me?

You can always check you local newspapers and community boards for local events. You can also look on the different organizational pages such as the KCBS and SCA websites and search for nearby events on their event listings. On this site, under the "Events" tab, we also have listings with all the KCBS  and SCA sanctioned events held in the Mid-Atlantic region!

What do I need to compete?

The beauty of competing in backyard is that you can be as minimal, or extravagant as you want. Backyard teams compete with everything from pop-up canopies and homemade drum smokers to well-equipped trailers and top of the line insulated smokers. All you really need is a smoker, table, a pop-up canopy, cleaning supplies, a cooler, and a comfortable chair to participate in a backyard event.

How much does it cost to compete?

Entry fees vary from event to event, but backyard fees are generally in the range of $100-$200. These fees include your registration as well as your campsite, usually 20'x20', and most of the time a basic 120v power supply. Check each event for what is included though. You will also have to factor in your meat cost, gas and travel expenses, as well as any basic or specialty supplies you will need.

What meats do you cook for competitions?

Most all backyard competitions require you to turn in pork ribs and chicken. Some events will also do a people's choice consisting of pulled pork. A select few competitions will also host a three-meat competition with pork being added to ribs and chicken.

Are the people friendly?

You will not find a friendlier group of people than those associated with barbecue. From the organizers to the teams, everyone is out there to have a good time and exchange in fun-filled fellowship. Even if it is your first competition, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of help and support you will receive from fellow competitors and event staff. There is no friendlier group than those in barbecue!