Points Chase Teams

These teams are competing in the MABA Backyard Team Of the Year Chase.
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Delaware Teams

Manhattan Jacks BBQ

Pitmaster: Andrew Pearce - Newcastle, DE

Bio coming soon!

MRC Competition Barbecue Team

Pitmaster: Aaron Carey - Laurel, DE

We are a 4th year Father and son team. We have enjoyed the experience and building a brand. We work together with all competitors to provide the best bbq ever. We cook on a Yoder Smoker YS640. If you see us at a event don't be afraid to stop in and say hi.

Maryland Teams

2 Pits BBQ

Pitmaster: Ryan Roberts - Fulton, MD

Ryan Roberts has been BBQing since 2010 and competed in his first Backyard in 2017. I’ve have been hooked ever since and named 2 Pits BBQ after my two rescue pitties. I love the friends and connections I’ve made along the way. Looking forward to more events this year and seeing everyone along the way! Instagram @2PitsBBQ

Grumpy Ol' Sarge

Pitmaster: John Frock - Gaithersburg, MD

Bio coming soon!

Kane's BBQ

Pitmaster: Andy Kane - Perry Hall, MD

Kane's BBQ started in 2019 at the Bel Air BBQ Bash where we took Reserve Grand champio. We can't wait to get out and cook some bbq in the coming years with all the backyard teams. If you see us out on the bbq trail stop bye and say Hello!

Pee-Ka-Boo BBQ

Pitmaster: Manny Viernes - Hagerstown, MD

Bio coming soon

Small Batch BBQ

Pitmaster: Jim Freaney - Baltimore, MD

Small Batch BBQ started with a 14” wsm as a xmas gift from my wife that I’m sure she now regrets! We did our first comp ( the first year of Interstate BBQ) on that tiny smoker and competed well against the guys with all the big cookers. From that point on we’ve added a few more Weber’s and drank a lot of beers. We love the camaraderie and bbq friends we have made along the way! Looking forward to many more competitions in the future!!

Sweet & Savory

Pitmaster: Jamie Trader - Clements, MD

Sweet & Savory BBQ started in the backyard in. Wanting to step up our game, we took our que to the competition circuit. Since then we have won Grand Champion at Smoke in the Grove 2019 and 9th overall at Interstate BBQ Festival 2019. We have qualified for the Backyard Division of the KCBS World Invitational! If you see us at a contest be sure to stop by and say Hi!

New Jersey Teams

Col Buck's BBQ

Pitmaster: Lucas MacFarlane - Mays Landing, NJ

Bio coming soon!

Shiggin Chicks

Pitmaster: Maria Gogan - Hamilton, NJ

We're a just a couple of wives having fun BBQing with our husbands!

North Carolina Teams

Dogpatch Q

Pitmaster: Alan Nichols

Bio coming soon.

Grizzley's Big Deal BBQ

Pitmaster: Ross Nichols

Bio coming soon

Kenzie Lou Q

Pitmaster: Kenzie Fink - Rockwell, NC

Kenzie is an 11 Year Old Pit Princess out of Rockwell, NC. She was adopted by Jamie and LaRee Fink and has been assisting with their BBQ Team the past three years. Going into 2020, Kenzie decided she wanted to start her own Backyard BBQ team and Kenzie Lou Q was born! She may be the youngest Pitmaster in the Race, but she has already proven she can go, compete, and beat the "guys"! 

Pennsylvania Teams

House of Hawg BBQ

Pitmaster: Stephen Engelhardt - East Berlin, PA

House of Hawg is a 5 man bbq team that has been competing at some level since 2014. House of Hawg was created by pitmaster Steve Engelhardt. His passion for cooking and love for bbq turned into an obsession. Steve has recruited the help of 4 other passionate buddies who love to bbq and have a good time! Keep an eye out for them at comps and when you see them, stop and say hi.

If You Got It Smoke It

Pitmaster: Mike Norris - Fairfield, PA

We are a 2 person team that has been competing for 5 years. We love to bbq and meet new people and teams. We have had a great time competing an in 2018 we were fortunate enough to be a 2 time backyard Grand Champion as well as won multiple single meat awards. We can't wait to see what this year has in store with such an exciting feeling surrounding the season.  I want to wish all backyard teams Good Luck and hope the season is good to all of you! Stay safe and happy travels!

The fat Is Where It's At Barbeque

Pitmaster: Scott Nemeth - Lancaster, PA

Nick and Scott started "The Fat is Where it’s at Barbeque" in 2019 after years of creating delicious BBQ for their friends and family. What started as a wild idea to try just 1 competition has turned into a passion. Although we are very competitive and strive to win, our real enjoyment is the time spent with friends and family. If you see us at a competition, stop and say hi. We love meeting new friends that share our passion.

Weber's Backyard BBQ

Pitmaster: Rob Weber - Schwenksville, PA

Weber's Backyard BBQ is primarily a one man competition BBQ team (although I'll take help whenever I can) and caterer based in the Philadelphia suburbs. As a guy with almost 20 years in the fire department, I got my start in competition BBQ at a first responders cook off a few years ago, took first place ribs, and I've been hooked ever since. I cook on a Jambo Backyard and an Assassin gravity fed, and can usually be found relaxing with a cigar after turn ins at my trailer. Stop on by whenever you want!


Pitmaster: Ron Calloway - Lincoln University, PA

Zoni-Q was started in 2018 and the name comes from one of my nicknames – RonZoni. I lived in Charlotte for six years and got hooked on good barbeque. When I moved to Pennsylvania in 2016, I couldn’t find good BBQ anywhere so I figured I better learn how to do it myself. I never knew much about competition BBQ until I competed in New Castle, DE. Since then, I’ve cooked in many backyard contests with some success. Like all competition teams, 2020 was a challenge but fortunately the year ended positively at the KCBS World Invitational in Mayetta, KS. New for 2021 is having a good friend join the team and I’m looking at competing in around 12 comps. I am also really excited to participate in the MABA Team of the Year Points chase!

Virginia Teams

Bowman's Butt & BBQ

Pitmaster: Dennis Bowman - Christiansburg, VA

Bowman's Butt & BBQ is a competition BBQ team straight out of the New River Valley. I picked up smoking meats in 2010 after watching BBQ Pitmasters and decided to give it a try competing in 2017. This is now our 5th year competing. After some consistent highs and lows our first couple years we reinvented new recipes in 2019 and really started to catch fire with some high place calls consistently after that. 2020 was a difficult year dealing with the contest cancellations due to Covid but we ended the year strong with a 1st place chicken and 1st place ribs call at the first annual KCBS World Invitational which made us the first ever KCBS Backyard World Champion. We love the BBQ family that you run into at every event and the whole atmosphere around it! It doesn't get better than hot meats, cold beer and good friends!

D's Butts-N-Beers BBQ Team

Pitmaster: Dennis Flint - Louisa, VA

Bio coming soon

Ham Squad

Pitmasters: Dave Dick - Charlottesville, VA

Ham Squad is owned and operated by pit masters Dave Dick (aka Piggie Smalls) and Todd Catron (aka Don PorkLeone). Both pit masters are judges and organizers with KCBS and have a passion for growing the sport of competition barbecue! Ham Squad cooks on drum smokers and the Spider Grills pellet attachment for the Weber Kettle Grill. We use Fireboard temperature monitors and fans.


Pitmaster: Glenn Zobel - Ashland, VA

Love N’ Smoke was born in late 2016, after doing a few online BBQ photo contests. My amazing wife made the “mistake” of suggesting “Why don’t you do real BBQ competitions”. From that moment on I could not stop thinking about it. I have enjoyed many hobbies over the years but wanted to find one that we could enjoy as a couple. Our name came about as we thought about what makes our BBQ so special. The answer…Love & Smoke. I am obsessed with learning the art of BBQ. As we both enjoy fellowship, camping, and cooking, this hobby is perfect! We have made many friends along the way. Not to mention, hearing our team name called at awards is both exciting and rewarding. Our passion to make great BBQ has grown into doing small event catering along with our competition schedule.

Off The Rack BBQ

Pitmaster: Henry Jones

Bio coming soon

Optimus Swine 757

Pitmaster: Jon Wade - Toano, VA

Pitmasters Jason and Jon Wade from Two Drummer’s Smokehouse in Toano, Va, wanted to branch out and take their profession to a competitive level. After competing in multiple local competitions, wanted to get more certified critical feedback and quiet honestly, comment cards. In 2019, we started feet first in the masters series at Urbana BBQ Gives Back, and we got our pork butts handed to us. Our season as “Two Drummer’s Q-Crew” wasn’t a total wash with 3 calls in the 5 contests we did. When 2020 crashed we did the two contests that we could, and then had to focus 100% on covid response at the restaurant and dropped out of competing for the season until I got a phone call. In November of 2020, David Dick of Ham Squad called me and asked me if I wanted to ride along and help him with his ancillary turn ins at the KCBS World Invitational in Kansas. I had the best time, and a truly eye opening revelation. There is nothing backyard about the backyard food. It’s top notch, and in my opinion better than what we were personally putting out at our masters comps. I felt that if we continued to compete Master’s and struggle in chicken and ribs, we would have a better time concentrating on dialing in on the two meats. Jason really wanted to get into SCA, and the two meat contest would give us the flexibility to work on that third item that is new to us. We were so warmly welcomed at the World Invitational by the backyard family that we wanted more of it. So we thought we’d jump on board with this wild group of misfits, and try our hand at dialing in our chicken and pork rib program. With this new change we figured a new look and a new name was in order. So this year we’re coming to provide BBQ to all the sentient beings of the Mid Atlantic as Optimus Swine 757, and can’t wait to get out there and compete again after a year on the bench.

Que N Cue BBQ

Pitmaster: Ray Rowsey - Austinville, VA

I have been smoking meats for 2 years. Have done one comp, ZomBQ, in 2020 but looking to do 6-7 comps this year. We will be starting the year in South Carolina in March!

Red Smoke Bar-B-Que

Pitmaster: Frank Smolka - Powhatan, VA

Red Smoke Bar-B-Que is a competition backyard family team entering our third season. We’ve been cooking, grilling and smoking as long as I can remember. In 2018, we began competing and in our second competition, we finished with a 3rd place call in chicken. After that, we were hooked! We finished the season with new friends and discovered a large Barbeque family we couldn’t wait to be a part of. Our 8 year old daughter enjoys competing in Kid’s Ques competitions. We look forward to firing up our pits, seeing old friends and making new friends.    

Uncle Dubby's Backyard BBQ

Pitmaster: Eric King - Matoaca, VA

A lifelong passion of backyard grilling and chilling with family and friends coupled with a small influence on social media, so began Uncle Dubby's Backyard BBQ. Starting out in 2019, I knew from the very first competition this would be something I would enjoy for many years to come. Traveling around the mid-Atlantic seeing old friends and meeting new ones, there is nothing else in the world quite like the BBQ Family

West Virginia Teams

D'Qued Barbecue

Pitmaster: Steve Dotson - Lost Creek, WV

DBow is my Hero but Chris Schriver is still the Godfather!

Gold-N-Blue Barbecue

Pitmaster: Travis Murphy - Martinsburg, WV

Established in 2018, we pride ourselves on having fun, doing what we love, and helping others find their barbecue passion! Our philosophy is simple, go out and have fun while making memories. While it is nice to win and hear our names called during awards, we do this because we love the people and the atmosphere. To us, the people are what makes competing worth it, not the recognition. So, if you see us at an event, swing over and say hi.. who knows, we may just have a drink or sample for you to enjoy!

Lem's Meat Varnish

Pitmaster: Chris Lemon - South Charleston, WV

This will be my 5th year in competition bbq. I’m also know as “The BBQ Gypsy”. We love to travel and love cookin Q! And we don’t mind hearing our name called on Saturday evenings!

McCutcheon's Rub BBQ Team

Pitmaster: Brady McCutcheon - South Charleson, WV

I'm a Chef for the City of South Charleston, been cooking BBQ for about 8 years now and cooked with my teammate Chris Lemon the BBQ Gypsy for the last 6 years! This year I want to try to compete on my own and see where I stand with the competition now! I cook on 2 custom RIP Tangle Smokers! I'm excited to compete for the TOY points chase this year! #bbqlife


Pitmaster: Shawn McColligan

Our team started in 2017 in a Master Series event (Ohio Smoked Meats Festival). After a year off we competed in two events in 2019 and our first Backyard in 2020. We never heard of the backyard series otherwise we would have started there. We are a husband (retired Navy) and wife (Registered Nurse) team that just enjoys going out to different competitions and meeting everyone. To date we have also done some steak competitions, won several chili competitions, and we enjoy doing ancillary categories. Stop by and say hi if you see us.

Tasker's BBQ Supply

Pitmaster: Stephen Tasker - Glendale, WV

Like most people our story beings from the purchase (or in our case a gift) of a smoker, when I received a pellet grill as a gift back in 2014 and my passion for grilling and smoking really took off. Eventually I outgrew my small grill and bought a larger model, with that came the desire to try new pellets. Before I knew it I was a dealer for pellets, next came seasonings, then grills, and now we are one of the largest dealers in our area for grills and BBQ supplies. Ive always had a dream of competing in competition BBQ so in 2020 I decided to give it a try and to our surprise we did very well. Between the thrill of the comp, the atmosphere and camaraderie of everyone we got hooked and now look forward to competing in more comps each year!